About Me

I’ll be graduating and on the job market next year! I’m interested in research positions focused on social science applications, as well as teaching-oriented academic jobs. Contact me if you think I’d be a good fit.
I’m from Huntsville, Texas, home of the 67-foot Sam Houston statue and 7 different prisons! I went to Pomona College, studying math, stats, and CS. After undergrad, I spent a year modeling energy systems and carbon emissions at Energy and Environmental Economics in San Francisco, before moving to Seattle to start my PhD at the UW. I’m an amateur cross-country, track, and trail runner with Club Northwest (I’m on the board, too!), I backpack all over the world, and I play the piano. I’m also a sucker for a good happy hour ;).

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Email: slgstats[a t]uw[d o t]edu

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